Frequently Asked Questions


What is the deadline for obtaining ID card with a chip and personal security code BOK?

The original deadline was January 1st, 2017. However, the number of statutories with ID card with an electronic chip and personal security code BOK is still insufficient, on December 7, 2016 Slovak Parliament has approved the Amendment to Act no. 305/2013 on e-government that postpone the activation of official electronic mailboxes to July 1st, 2017. The Amended Act will enter into force only after signing by the Slovak President Andrej Kiska.


Do I need an ID card with an electronic chip (eID) and my personal security code BOK?

Please take into your consideration, that both are required for statutory representatives of every single company registered in the Commercial Register. On you may check if your company is registered in the Commercial Register. If so, this request applies to you as well.


Where can I obtain chip ID card (eID) and safety BOK personal code (BOK)?

In order to issue identity card with chip (eID) you can apply in person at any district Police Department or in the Client Center of the Ministry of Interior. Do you already have an ID card with chip, but you do not have activated your personal security code-BOK? Do not worry, you can activate your code at the same location. Be ensured that whole process of code activation takes no longer than 10 minutes.


What is a personal security code BOK?

It is a 6-digit code that is used as a password for your identity card. You can create it by yourself. Security code BOK is designed to protect the identity card from the misuse. After 5 times of incorrect password entry, access to the online portal will be blocked, and it can by unblocked only by the police.


What if I am foreign statutory?

In this case, you need you residence card with an electronic chip and personal security code. You can obtain it at the Alien Police department in your place of residence. If you do not have your residence card, you have to authorize a person who already has any document with the chip (does not matter whether the ID card or residence card) and personal security code BOK.


Is it possible to have my mailbox managed by someone else?

Yes it is possible. Please note, that it is sufficient if selected individual has a proof of authority. Authorized individual must have an ID card with electronic chip (or residence card with chip) and a personal security code. You can authorize this individual either in written form or electronically. Similarly, you can also set up the range of competences for authorized person. Please keep in mind, this is the only option for statutory representatives residing outside of the Slovak Republic.

User guide for granting an authorization to access, use and invalidation of the mailbox.


User guide for setup of permissions for the partial access to the electronic mailbox for third parties.



What is the official electronic mailbox?/p>

Imagine that a postman delivers all your official mail and letters in a special mailbox. That is exactly the main function of electronic mailbox, the only difference is its electronic form.
From 1 July 2017 you will check all your official correspondence related to your business (such as a judicial decisions or notifications for commencement of enforcement proceedings).
At the time of delivery of the official correspondence into the electronic mailbox, storage period automatically commences. If you do not act within this period, fiction of delivery will be executed and official correspondence will be considered as received even if you did not read and accept such correspondence. Please note, that as for the fiction of delivery there can be direct link to the deadline for appeals, or on the fulfillment of certain obligations. This is a similar process to situation when you do not pick up official mail at the post office. Therefore, it is necessary to check your daily mail in the official electronic mailbox regularly, so you are not only informed, but also you will not miss any statutory deadline.


How much time do I have in order to apply for ID card with chip and personal security code BOK?

As soon as possible to avoid stress and possible delays in getting it at the police or at the client center especially before the end of the year. You should get your access to mailbox at least by July, 1 2017 as of this date you will start getting official governmental documents into electronic mailbox.


I do not want to activate electronic mailbox. What should I do?

Please take into your consideration, that there is no such a possibility for legal entities registered in the Commercial Register as the registration is mandatory. Official electronic mailbox will be activated automatically from 1 July 2017 and it is in your best interest to ensure that you have an access to it.


What are the main advantages of electronic mailbox?

  • - Save time that you would have spent on going to the post office and waiting in queues.

  • - Communication with public authorities and offices will be simplier and easier.

  • - You can use your mailbox anytime and also from anywhere.

  • - Reduce the cost of postal services and through electronic filing save up to 50% for administrative fees.

  • - All communication is secure and fast

  • - Please be informed, that there is no need to login to an official electronic mailbox daily. It is possible to set time notifications. After setting up notifications via SMS or e-mail you would be immediately informed if you have received a new message in your mailbox.