Access to the mailbox

Do you already have an ID card with chip and your personal security code BOK? Following step requires a card reader that you were given when applying for ID card with chip. These video instructions will show you how to download the software and driver for the card reader.


Download the application to your PC „eID client“

Be aware, that due to higher errors this application does not work for Mac OS 10.10.0 and 10.10.1, ,. These users need to update their Mac OS to the most recent version.

Do you have another operating system? Click here.

Watch the video tutorial how to download for the operating system.
This video describes download process from the website


Download the card reader driver

For Windows 64-bit For Windows 32-bit

For Mac OS driver for the card is not required

Do you have another operating system? Click here.

Keep in mind, that you will need your personal security code BOK before completing the installation.

Watch the video tutorial how to install the card reader driver.


Log in to the portal

  • - Connect your card reader to a PC, and insert your ID card there.

  • - Click on "Login to portal" in the top right corner of

  • - Enter your personal security code BOK and choose under which legal entity you want to login.

(If you have multiple legal entities or use an electronic mailbox as an natural person, please specify which version you want to enter.))

Watch the video tutorial on how to log in.


Welcome to the mailbox!

  • - You can display your messages by clicking on "View Mailbox" at the top right corner of the page.

  • - Mailbox operates like a standard e-mail - you have access to all your received messages, sent messages and drafts. The main difference between standard and official mailbox is that you can not directly reply to any official emails.

Watch the video tutorial how to understand main features of your mailbox.


Sign out

When finishing your work, please always log out by clicking on the cross on the red box in the top right corner.

Further instructions are available on the website, where the software for other operating systems is accessible for download.